List of Cash Buyers for Wholesalers. If you're a wholesaler, you've probably noticed that cash buyers are easier to work with because there are fewer potential problems at closing. Add these cash buyers to your "buyers list" and make wholesaling a snap! You won't find this exclusive list of cash buyers anywhere else.

Deal Dog Deals

How To Find Deals That Generate Big Profits.
There is only one way to find great deals on properties that generate cash flow or big profits from a fix and flip. And that one way is finding a seller with proper motivation. That's right - every great deal starts with a motivated seller. That seller can be a bank, someone with a home in need of repair, an individual facing foreclosure, or any number of other motivations.

The truth is your real estate investing business will cease to exist, stall or just never get off the ground if you can't consistently find motivated sellers. Deal Dog is a powerful tool to help ensure you have a constant flow of motivated seller leads.
Motivated Sellers Recent Homes 20%+ Below Appraisal

REO foreclosure Inventory

REO Foreclosures are properties sale that have gone through the foreclosure process and are now for sale by the banks. Banks are not legally allowed to profit from the sale of a repossessed asset and are therefore much more likely to price the home and take offers at far below actual value.


A private lender is an individual who has chosen to lend to other individuals who are buying, holding, and/or selling real estate. Private lenders would rather lend to someone buying rental properties or flipping houses over investing in the stock market because their loan is collateralized by the house. By signing up for Happy Home Investor, you have access to the full list of individuals lending in the County area. If you're buying properties, access to cheap funding is key. That's why you'll love these private lenders. Many are lending over $1 million and most are offering incredibly low rates. You won't find this exclusive list of private lenders anywhere else! Below is a questionnaire to help us better understand your goals as a private money lender. Please fill out all of the questions and we will contact you shortly to provide you with our Private Lender Prospectus, answer any questions you may have and discuss upcoming deals that you may be interested in funding.

Hard Money Lenders

Hard Money Lenders for Future Millionaires" for each of our current market areas. The lenders in this guide are less concerned about your credit or income. They're much more interested in whether you're buying at a discount.

Not only will they loan you money to make the deal, sometimes they will even fund the entire repair amount. This is what the gurus call No Money Down financing. It's like having a rich uncle in your back pocket. Even better, they can close a loan in days, not weeks or months. Hard money is the single most common way that our members finance the houses on this site.

Motivated Sellers

Motivated sellers are sellers who have come to us through Google and filled out a form saying they need to sell their home very fast for different reasons. This is a list of motivated sellers in your state, as selected from your Primary Investment Zip selected on the Home Tab.

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We purchase properties at 70% of After Repair Value minus repairs.
Home must be worth at least $80k fixed up.

We tend to avoid the following zip codes in the St. Louis areas:



Wholesale Deals

Wholesale Deals are properties for sale by other investors! This is a unique type of property not listed on other "general" real estate websites. "Wholesalers," as they are referred to, find properties and quickly "flip" them to other investors at a discounted price rather than performing the rehab themselves.