Pay After Deletion Credit Repair Program
Options And Pricing
Our No Risk Pay After Deletion Pricing



We’ll conduct a free credit consultation and provide an estimate over the phone. If you don’t have a recent three bureau credit report we can order one for you. The credit bureaus charge $29.95 for a complete three bureau report and it will not create an inquiry.

If you would like to become a client after your consultation:

There’s a one time credit audit fee of $197 to create your account and dispute strategy. 

Enroll your spouse for only $97.

We charge only for deleted and repaired items at $100 per item, per bureau

FREE inquiry deletion

FREE name and address corrections

Must maintain an active three bureau credit monitoring service with Credit Mojo at $29.95/mo

We’ll send an invoice every month for the items we’ve successfully deleted or repaired. Pay your invoices in full for a 10% discount or pay off your balance in monthly installments of $150 until a zero balanced is reached. There is no interest charged for choosing the monthly installment option.


Call us for a free credit repair consultation

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       Many of our clients see a significant improvement in their credit report and score within 90 to 180 days!  


 Your credit can be fixed in months...NOT years

 We dispute all of your items at once. Nearly all credit repair companies charge an ongoing monthly fee even if they don’t delete a single item. They dispute only two or three items per month dragging your credit repair out for years to keep you paying. We don’t do that.

 We Are 100% Paid on Performance


 No Monthly Credit Repair Fee

 You pay only for the items we delete or repair! This is virtually unheard of in the credit repair industry where customers are charged ongoing monthly fees with no idea how much their repair will cost and when it will be finished.


1. High Success Rate

2. Our unique Paid On Performance system combined with disputing all your items at once delivers two amazing results.

3. A 52% to 71% average deletion and repair rate which can be twice as high as our competitors.

4. Most clients are finished within 90 to 180 days.

Raise Your Credit Score with

$5,000 Line of Credit.

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$5000.00 unsecured revolving line of credit reported to Experian, Equifax and Trans Union Annual membership fee of $99.00 which is charged at the time of joining. A 50% down payment for all items purchased before the order ships. There is a minimum order of $100 on your first order and no minimum thereafter. Once 12 months of good payment history is established, the 50% down payment is removed. A sales tax of 8.25%, required by the state of Texas, is charged at the time of shipping.


No shipping fees

No monthly fees


The biggest thing to remember is to make sure the client enters an email they check regularly. They must esign their contract before their order can ship. It must be verified as delivered before it will begin reporting on their credit file.


There are a few reasons for denial...

1.) Active bankruptcy

2.) Outstanding Child Support

3.) Excessive IRS tax liens.


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