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What is co-wholesaling?

It’s simple! Co-wholesaling is a joint venture partnership among wholesalers. One wholesaler will have the deal and the other wholesaler is responsible for marketing and finding a buyer which is what we do!



Are you a wholesaler who would love to close deals faster than before? We work together with other wholesalers to get their deals sold and closed faster!

If you have a property you need us to help you wholesale then please fill out our simple form to get started. With our MASSIVE cash buyers list and marketing techniques we can wholesale your properties quickly.

Welcome to the deal submission location where you can submit your deals and we will help you get the wholesale property sold and closed quickly! Profits will be split 40/60 on all deals you submit.


What the Submission Guidelines:

In order to best assist you, we kindly ask you to fill out a deal submission form. Before filling out the form consider the following:

 00001. Please make sure we know how to access the property. If it is on a lock box please provide the Lock box code.

 00002. You must have the property under contract directly with the seller of record. Please email a copy of the executed contract between you and the seller to along with any photos of the property.

 00003. Please note we will need at least a *15 day minimum *in order to market the property, find a buyer, and close on the property. If title work is not yet completed by a title company then it could take 21-30 days.


Note Profits will be split *40/60

  on all deals you submit.  

We take home 40% and you leave with 60%.


Click Here to Download Contract.

Download Contract

 Sign your portion of the Contact and send it back.

You bring the deal and I will bring the buyers and we split the assignment fee 40/60 I have all the legal paper work that protect us both.


Please review our previous properties that we help other investors sold in the past by clicking here




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To know more about How it works

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Complete your match portfolio by adding your buyer and/or property inventory.



Receive instant match notifications when an in-network wholesaler adds a property that matches your buyers' criteria or a buyer that matches your properties.


Send a "wave" to the matches that peak your interest.



Once your match waves back, both of your portfolios are unlocked so you can view each other's inventory, preferences, etc. (But not contact info)



Send a "handshake" to the matches you'd like to move forward with to JV.


Once your match shakes your hand back, you both secure your connection with a match agreement and get access to each other's contact information (Name, Email, Phone, Website). You're a Confirmed Match!


Go Close Some Deals and Get Paid!