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      Steps 1-10


 1.  Owners please submit

  •  Name
  •  Property Address
  •  City and State
  •  Your license Number # if any
  •  Email and Contact Number.
  •  Also Please Provide

      Use the form below


 2. Submit by attaching the spreadsheet to email frpllc314@gmail.com or fax it to (1844 384-7790)


 3. Itemize annual expenses on the right side of the sheet


 4. Include rehab amount


 5. Include economic vacancy (enter physical vacancy in the notes section)


 6. Be sure to mark All Bills Paid or not (we only care about the electric bill)


 7. Brokers Include Market Cap Rate for that Class of apartments 'apartment cap rate survey', or A commercial appraiser in the area)


 8. Send rent rolls, financials, and a marketing package if there is one


 9. Include any helpful comments about the property, neighborhood, etc, that we should know


 10. Please send large attachments in a separate email with appropriate information in the subject line: "Deal review EXP 144 Main St, Dallas, 9 unit, Part 1




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