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Pay After Deletion Credit Repair Program

Options And Pricing
Our No Risk Pay After Deletion Pricing

Initial Audit/File Review Fee – $149.99 – This fee is due AFTER we obtain your information, review your file, enter information into our back office, and create your initial letters (This is complete within 24 hours)

Results Fees – These fees are due upon receipt of invoice, files are reviewed for results every 35 days. First review will be about 35 days after we mail your initial letters

Standard Deletions – $35 per item per bureau Collections| Charge-offs | Repos | Medical Bills | Late Pays | Foreclosures | Any Negative item Not In the Public Records Section Of Credit Report

Judgments – $150 per item per bureau· Bankruptcies | Tax Liens – $250 per item per bureau

Technical Data – $25 per item per credit bureau – Name variation and/or address deletions

Full Disclosure – Other Costs – These are other costs you will incur during our program even though these fees DO NOT COME TO US

Credit Monitoring Fees – The credit monitoring services we recommend will cost you about $20 per month, however, WE WILL PAY these fees under the following conditions:

• We will provide a credit of $20.00 per cycle completed when we complete 10 full cycles/rounds of disputes/letters (Max credit is $200)

• Credited amount must be used towards deletion fees first, remainder will be refunded

• Account must be in good standing (cannot be on hold for invoice or credit monitoring)

• Applies to clients who sign up on or after 6-1-2016 ($150 credit for those prior to 6-1-16)

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Our Guarantees & Promises
200% Setup Fee Guarantee


Nobody want to pay a setup fee if they can’t get results. As it is illegal to make any promises with regards to results we will do the next best thing.If we do not get at least $100 in deletions within the first 6 months of service we will give you $200.

Easy Conditions
• You must have at least $250 in possible deletions to start with
• We must get through at least 5 cycles/rounds of letters
• We must have constant access to your updated credit reports
• You account must be in good standing

Results Guarantee
We cannot promise any specific results as it is illegal however we are willing to offer you a guarantee that gives you money if we don’t hit our goal
If we don’t obtain a 75% deletion rate in 6-9 months we will refund 100% of your setup fee
Easy Conditions
• Account must be in good standing
• Must have a minimum of 12 items needing to be deleted
• We must have gone through 9 Cycles/rounds of letters
• We Must have constant access to your updated credit reports
• Your account must never be more than 15 days late

• We promise to always return ALL of your calls
• We promise to answer all of your questions
• We promise not to lie or mislead you in any way

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$5000.00 unsecured revolving line of credit reported to Experian, Equifax and Trans Union Annual membership fee of $99.00 which is charged at the time of joining. A 50% down payment for all items purchased before the order ships. There is a minimum order of $100 on your first order and no minimum thereafter. Once 12 months of good payment history is established, the 50% down payment is removed. A sales tax of 8.25%, required by the state of Texas, is charged at the time of shipping.


No shipping fees
No monthly fees


The biggest thing to remember is to make sure the client enters an email they check regularly. They must esign their contract before their order can ship. It must be verified as delivered before it will begin reporting on their credit file.


There are a few reasons for denial...

1.) Active bankruptcy

2.) Outstanding Child Support

3.) Excessive IRS tax liens.


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